TOP 20 Restaurants - by Metronome magazine

TOP 20 Restaurants - by Metronome magazine

TOP 20 Restaurants - by Metronome magazine

The FINANCIAL -- Metronome magazine revealed TOP 20 of best restaurants, operating in Tbilisi. The study was implemented within the period of one month. Based on survey 5 000 customers , following list of restaurants were announced.

1 - Funicular - Three-storeyed building was constructed in 1936-38 y.y. It is historical and architectural monument in Tbilisi, which over decades is considered to be the favorite place of local citizens and foreign guests. Each object is unique and distinguished by delicious cuisine, exquisite interior and environment. 

2 - At Barbare’s - Is an unusual restaurant of Georgian cuisine for Tbilisi. The menu was elaborated by famous Georgian chief cook Levan Kobiashvili in accordance with modern standards. All dishes are prepared in a way as it used to be in the kitchen of great Georgian families and in the way they were made by the writer Barbare herself. 

3 - Tsiskvili – Business, which started with one restaurant, 14 years later established into “Tsiskvili Group” and today it consists of several restaurants. These restaurants are:  Ethno-Tsiskvili, Tsiskvili in Vake, Ludis Moedani (Beer Square) and Tsiskvili in Tskneti. 

4 - Monopole – This place is one of the main arteries in the city. The territory was undeveloped years ago. Owing to exquisite environment and delicious dishes “Monopole” became one of the favorite places of citizens for gathering.   

5 - Phaeton – High class Georgian restaurant in Tbilisi is located in a row of restaurants in Dighomi massive, Beliashvili Street. It is Georgian restaurant, offering service to its customers based on high class, fast, healthy, natural products. One of the main factors of the restaurant is its appearance.  

The table, arranged in a green open space brings comfort and tranquility. The main hall of the restaurant is “Georgian hall” is arranged in Georgian style. 

6 -Cruise – Multifunctional complex ,,Cruise” was established in October 2008. As a result of hard work and special attitude towards each person the complex successfully found its place on the Georgian market and today it represents one of important objects in the country. The building has an original form of a ship overlooking the river Mtkvari. 

7 - Kolkheti – Chain of restaurants was established in 2000 and sucessfully operates on the Georgian market ever since. The chain comprises of three objects: restaurant “Kolkheti”; “Kolkheti Okrokana”, and “Pub Kolkheti”. 

8 - Astoria – The restaurant operates since 2012. From the opening day restaurant’s aim is to maintain high class service and cuisine. A fairy-tale world, where you will feel maximal comfort, taste delicious dishes and drinks. 

9 - Tiger and a young man – Restaurant opened on May 12, 2016 and its name is connected to the poem “Knight in the Panther’s Skin” by Shota Rustaveli. Logo of the restaurant contains illustration, depicting battle between Tariel and the tiger.   

10 - Krtsanisi – Restaurant partially intruded into Mtkvari, located in Ortachala. The restaurant consists of one big hall, tiers, balconies and VIP compartment for 30 people. 

From balconies guests may observe beautiful view on the river Mtkvari, old Tbilisi and St.Trinity Cathedral.    

11 - Three centuries – Over 10 years the restaurant is successfully operating on Georgian market. It is located in  beautiful district of Tbilisi city – Ortachala and always attracts attention of tourists.  

12 - Tavaduri – Restaurant located on the territory of “Mushtaid Park”. During its arrangement designers deviated from classical, European style with details from different epochs and Georgian soul. 

13 - Tetri Sakhli (The White House) – Located in Tbilisi on the left bank of the river Mtkvari, on Mirtskhulava street. The impression about restaurant as well as about any public establishment is made based on the interior.   

14 - Keria – Restaurant in Tbilisi famous for its delicious Georgian-European cuisine. Unique design, created on the basis of hard work over the years. 

15 - Ortachala – located on Kheivani Str. II,  2”a”. After 9 years the restaurant offers guests renewed interior and famous Georgian cuisine, pleasant environment and live music every evening. 

16 - Babilo – Restaurant complies with highest standards and is adapted to customers of different tastes. Even the most demanding guests leaved the restaurant satisfied, 

17 - Old city – Restaurant opened in 2010 and established its place in Georgian restaurant sphere.  

18 - Keto da Kote - Located in Tbilisi, Zandukeli Street, Toradze turn #3. 

19 - Kopala – Restaurant is located in the center of the city, Chekhov Street #8/10 and has the best view on the old historical Tbilisi, which preconditions its uniqueness in the whole Tbilisi. 

20 - Royal district - Restaurant is located on Erekle II Square #3.