Mozaika to Rebrand and Add Consulting Service

Mozaika to Rebrand and Add Consulting Service

Mozaika to Rebrand and Add Consulting Service

The FINANCIAL -- Over the last few years, the advertising market has undergone a sustained transformation. Nowadays, the advertising market can be described as involving, brisk, flexible and diverse.

Whereas in earlier times agencies were providing just one direction, like print agencies, PR or communication agencies, nowadays the tendency in Georgia strongly requires full service. That’s why big companies are going to transform into full service advertising companies. And after 8 years of successful operations, Mozaika has decided to follow this path.

“When relying on a good business strategy, the development of a company is calibrated, interpreted and systematic. Mozaika has undergone this process fully. It was periodically creating new services depending on its experiences. Today Mozaika is receiving demand from consumers that need a company which offers all kinds of services. We thought that Mozaika was big enough with its wealth of experience, and therefore decided to add a consulting service to our agency. This was the only thing that Mozaika was missing,” said Sandro Kakulia, Creative Director of Mozaika and Head of its Consulting Service.

Mozaika is distinguished by the variety of its services which have developed over the years. Nowadays, one of its top services can be cited as producing branded items, importing souvenirs and corporate gifts. “We have partners in Europe and are one of the big importer agencies from the East-European market. Another top service that can be cited is our event management service, which is often in high demand from different companies and works successfully.”

Nowadays, the expectations and attitudes from companies are very specific. That’s why they prefer full service agencies. Companies today are looking for an advertising agency which will be a shield in terms of its PR and marketing, a defender and also an intermediary between it and its consumer. Companies are expecting advertising agencies to assist them in reaching their goals.

According to today’s trends, advertising companies are the executors of any kind of request. Heads of Marketing need you to be a shelter who mitigates their work and will get a creative, high quality result. The consulting service allows you to see a topic from different sides and schedule long-term profitable strategies.

“We are going to rebrand our company Mozaika and start offering a new consulting service. We have already provided consulting to our loyal clients. Our team is ready to conduct strategic researches, prepare strategies, create marketing and strategic communication plans,” said Kakulia.