Adjara Group is putting Kokhta-Mitarbi on the map with Rooms Hotel Kokhta

Adjara Group is putting Kokhta-Mitarbi on the map with Rooms Hotel Kokhta

The FINANCIAL -- Being amidst the trendiest in Georgia, Adjara Group’s brand keeps expanding at an extraordinary pace. Just a few weeks ago the company opened it’s latest addition - new Rooms Hotel Kokhta in the mountainous region of Kokhta-Mitarbi.

The hotel is a new gem of the very innovative and creative hospitality group, which through its projects has reshaped the face of the capital, created new sustainable destinations across the country and set new trends both in hospitality and agricultural industries.
While working on Rooms Hotel Kokhta, Adjara Group has joined forces with the talented team of Rooms Studios. Nata Janberidze and Keti Toloraia, the founders of the Studio, have shaped the interior of the hotel with a unique design - already attracting a wide range of both local and international guests.

Rooms Hotel Kokhta takes inspiration from the vastness and wilderness of the mountains surrounding Kokhta-Mitarbi. The monumental atmosphere, as well as the idea of being close to it, served as the initial stimuli and inspiration behind the design concept of the hotel. The natural, organic, and simple interior is characterized by the light-filled guestrooms with a soothing color palette and a mix of vintage and custom-made pieces.

Prioritizing the use of building materials available in the region and allowing local artisans to get involved in the development process were highly prioritized while creating Rooms Hotel Kokhta. Along with achieving a truly exceptional result, the sustainable approach to construction advances Georgia’s economy by increasing the demand and setting new standards for the country’s products and services.

Rooms Hotel Kokhta also includes a “farm to table” restaurant, which combines international gastronomic talent with locally sourced produce. The menu offers traditional dishes with a modern twist as well as a diverse selection of wines made from endemic grape varieties.

Furthermore, for Adjara Group striving toward sustainable development and accelerating regional economic growth have always been key to initiating such important projects. With the total input exceeding USD 15 million, the renowned brand is expected to play a crucial role in advancing the mountain resort by attracting a new type of travelers and actively working with the local communities.

Indeed, the locals from the surrounding villages, towns, and cities are given an outstanding opportunity and can now join the team behind the fastest-growing Georgian hospitality group.
Rooms Hotel Kazbegi is a pure example of how one hotel can transform an entire region, develop the economy and support professional as well as personal development of the local community. Rooms Hotel Kazbegi turned a remote and isolated region into a sustainable tourism destination.

Now, the newly opened Rooms Hotel Kokhta is hosting all types of mountain lovers looking for exceptional gastronomic and hospitality experiences throughout the year.
Rooms Hotels have placed Georgia on the world map and with every new project, expectations are being exceeded. Deeply rooted in location, history, and traditions, each Rooms Hotel is a unique entity with a special focus on design, architectural and gastronomy. The company has created thousands of employment opportunities across the country while providing the best quality products, offering the highest standards in the service industry and transforming the reality of the hospitality sector in Georgia.

Adjara Group through its brands is an important figure on the Georgian market for advancing tourism and as a result supporting the economic growth of the country.

By Gela Megeneishvili