SHVIDI - 21 Years in Georgia’s Food Ingredients Business

SHVIDI - 21 Years in Georgia’s Food Ingredients Business

SHVIDI - 21 Years in Georgia’s Food Ingredients Business

The FINANCIAL -- SHVIDI has cemented itself as a major importer and distributor of food ingredients in the Transcaucasia market. Over its past 21 years of activity the company has established contact and partner relationships with many world-leading companies.

SHVIDI offers ingredients for non-alcoholic beverages; ice-cream and milk products; bread and confectionery; wine & spirits - winery equipment; fats and margarines; and equipment for the food industry.

SHVIDI has recently been awarded the most prestigious and influential business awards in Georgia - Golden Brand - for the utmost success the company achieved in 2016.

“The year 2016 was very successful for our company. Sales volume exceeded over 20 percent growth. Also, last year SHVIDI purchased one of our competitor companies that further increased our competitive advantage and potential. This merging means that sales of SHVIDI products will increase by at least 30 percent this year,” said the CEO of SHVIDI, Malkhaz Tvildiani.

“During its 21 years of operations on the Georgian market SHVIDI has proven that it is a trustworthy company. We offer customers not only products but also provide assistance to them. We offer specific solutions for solving their problems. I think this is the reason why SHVIDI won Golden Brand for the nomination ‘Food Industry - Ingredients’,” he added.

While talking about the challenges SHVIDI faced last year, Tvildiani named the devaluation of the local currency the Lari as the main challenge.

“Our company mainly imports products from abroad and our activity is directly connected to currency risks. Any small change in currency rate has an influence on our financial indicators,” said Tvildiani.

However, Tvildiani says the first quarter of 2017 has been promising.

“A solid economic growth indicator has been observed in the country. Consumption has already been increased. This resulted in higher demand for our production,” said Tvildiani.

“Despite the fact that Georgian cuisine is famous for its delicious masterpieces there is still need for development in the food industry. However, we see positive developments in this regard as well. We see new brands appearing on the market which are starting activities in the food industry. Some of them are successful, some of them are not, but the main thing is that there is growing interest towards this sector in Georgia,” he added.

“I also want to mention the state’s support. The state provides financial assistance to new companies through different programmes. I think in several years the picture will be completely changed and Georgian brands will be able to compete with European ones,” Tvildiani stated.

SHVIDI has partners worldwide and permanently increases its number.

SHVIDI actively participates in exhibitions where it showcases its partner companies’ products and other services as well.

Q. Do you plan to introduce new products to the Georgian market?

A. Our product portfolio is changing constantly. This year we plan to focus on the ingredients for bread and confectionery.

We are currently in negotiations with several European brands and we hope that their products will be included in our portfolio by the end of the year.

Q. Now let’s talk about Shvidi Wine. How was the company established?

A. from 2001 company Shvidi is involved in wine making ingredients and equipment business. From the end of 2015, as a result of thorough analysis the management decided that on the basis of the company SHVIDI, a new, independent company called Shvidi Wine should be created.

The company Shvidi Wine offers customers a wide range of materials, equipment and supplies for wine and spirit production. Also, the company provides customers with qualified technological and technical services.

SHVIDI WINE regularly conducts seminars and master-classes in the field of production of technological processes with French experts.

The products of Shvidi Wine are actively used by the companies of wine and spirits production.

With the support of its partner companies SHVIDI regularly organises technical wine tours and seminars in European countries (Italy, France and the Czech Republic) for Georgian winemakers and industry experts.

The company is already working on new projects, which will be submitted to wine producers and consumers in the nearest future.

As Georgian wine is steadily gaining recognition and reputation on an international level, demand and interest towards wine ingredients have also increased.