The FINANCIAL -- In January, the cost of cooking one standard Imeretian khachapuri continued to increase, ranging between 3.56 GEL (Batumi and Tbilisi) and 3.92 GEL (Kutaisi), with the average cost being 3.67 GEL.

The FINANCIAL -- Unofficial (partial) dollarization describes a situation when a foreign currency is used alongside the domestic currency for transactions purposes and as a store value. High partial dollarization is not good for a country, as it ties the hands of its Central Bank when it wants to use monetary policy. In a highly dollarized economy, national currency depreciation can even lead to financial instability. 

The FINANCIAL -- Without much doubt, Georgian fruits and vegetables are naturally delicious and the country has land soils with high agricultural potential. Strong demand for fresh, healthy fruits is observed locally and globally. And yet, even with the naked eye it is evident that many farmers still do not use available land/resources optimally.

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